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Registration & Others:

Bring it on!

Hi Andrew, I'm pleased I quickly recalled how to VOR navigate thanks to last years MEBAR. Thanks for spearheading this challenge.

Another enjoyable Easter Treat.

Looking forward to another MEBAR. Thank you, Trev.

First try for this race. ;-)

Good to be back for another MEBAR, excited!!!!

Good intro - thanks again. Looking forward to the rest of the MEBAR.

Here we go again!

Had climbed to around 5000 when TCO was crossed, plane had climbed to around 7000 ft. Speeds were 141 kts at TCO, cruising was between 165 and 172 kts.

This is my first time to participate. I'm looking forward to joining in. Thanks for putting the event together.

Flown @ 6000' Distance between VOR TOC and VLD was 58.1nm G/Speed in cruise 143kts IAS 150kts.

Looking forward to participate in South America! While I am a long time citizen of Canada, I am originally from Bolivia!! Spanish will come handy, this year!!

I am looking forward to this and hope everybody else enjoys it as well.

Many thank's for my e-mail invitation to this year's Mebar 2017. Looking forward to this as always guys.

Here we go here we go.....It can't get worse than last year; can it? Thanks Joe and Co for all your work in getting us all together again, see ya in the sky!

Ready to check out Chile....

Thanks for setting this up again.

The MEBAR rally is the perfect venue to test your piloting skills against the clock and Andrew's deftly constructed flight legs.

Flown many GAAR's ,a few DC3 Airways Rally , this will be my first MEBAR an flights in Chile , looking forward to the flights.

Looking Forward to it.

eat way for me to learn about my new airplane. Thanks!

I'm a pilot and PL of the Aerosoft Around the World tour. I'm also CEO of Andras Meridian VA, in which we do yearly tours, races and challenges as well. As a pilot never passing up a challenge, I'm looking forward to this one and flying with you lot. I plan to do this online via JoinFS, so maybe I'll see some of you :-).

Looking forward to the challenge.

I love this these kind of events.

1st time joining. Do group flights on Team Speak, Digital Aviation.

Some of those strips might be scary in a Mustang...

Will use Real WX. Will try to be ON LINE on VATSIM.


Woohoo! MEBAR time!

Sounds like fun ;)

Its my first event with the Piper Comanche 250.

Off we go again. Promise to read the maps better this time before plunging into one of Andrew's death trap valleys!

Whilst I don't fly in South America often, I'm looking forward to this challenge.

Easy test flight, I think Andrew is lulling us into afalse sense of security!

First time MEBAR, already a success for me! Thanks for all the work!

Let's kick this pig!

Bit late, sorry, just kick my butt if you wish, Ed.

Flight Leg 1:

Interesting icing issues encountered IAS even with pitot heat.

Those touch and gos need some work but nice first leg. Many thanks Nigel.

Great route especially on last waypoint with lakes and mountains.

I arrived a bit early, IF I would have flown a longer upwind an down wind legs could have adjusted time.

Winds were a Speed Challenge this leg for sure...almost regretted using a Single while fighting the headwinds. Terrific scenery along the way, and a great start to MEBAR 2017! Cheers. Matt.

Navigation instructions were excellent.

I worked like a dog for this one. Had to kill a little time at the final destination.

Found everything, bit too early but that's just more time at the bar.


Great fun.

Not bad for a first leg in my first race. A bit slower next time!

Well I buggered that up!

And off we are :-)

Good flight

Good first leg - enjoyed!

Great flight!

First leg was AWESOME!! The view from 7000' was astonishing!

It's nice to get back in the saddle and know that I've still got what it takes to nail my Target Time, but I expect it will just deteriorate from here.

Nice flight

New pants please!

Good exercise in navigation and situation awareness. Also allowed me to update some airfields that needed some work. Look forward to the rest of the schedule.

A very demanding shake down flight. Thanks for the challenge

Nothing like panicking as the airspeed goes to zero then remembering pitot heat is off. Nice first leg. I think I even picked up ice over the mountain.

I may have damaged my landing gear and broke a tooth at the first touch and go...ouch.

First MEBAR flight and I have some learning to do!

Nothing to say. At the end burned one engine.

Good flight

Stream/Recording of the leg:

Very nice flight

Jeez, that headwind! Had to stay low when I could. Awesome fun!

I'm learning a lot along the way :)

After figuring out out to start the darn thing it was an enjoyable flight.

A bit rusty in a turboprop and engine control on the approach but we nearly pulled it off again.

Must check airspeed indicator.......

Note to self - its a rally not a race!

I had to do a full stop landing at SCCI for fuel.

A little fast!

Callsign: CRN79

Leg One Completed Take Off Time 08:32 Local Landing Time 04:18 Local Also Posting Flight On Youtube for people to see that was unable to make MEBAR 2017

We're off then, cloud, rain, just a taste of what is to come! Great route beautiful scenery.

Flight Leg 2:

My apologies for my tardy PIREP... family.

SCOH was interesting.

Where did the VOR go?!

That was a bit sketchy! Lost a flap on my right wing coming into SCCC!

SCOH was a hole in the ground!! Pretty tough to get the touch and go there in the Dash 8

First touch and go through the valley was great! Second touch and go was a good challenge coming over the hill just before the runway!

Hey all, second leg stream/recording

Very high in places. Struggled with icing occasionally. One airfield in a hole (SCOH)! Will try to fix that. Otherwise good flight.

If only I'd fully read the instructions before taking this flight. Maybe then I wouldn't have tried to fly it VFR only!

Though one this one but I liked it :-)

Staying VFR was the challenge this leg...pretty sure dodging clouds and ducking into valleys wrecked my time this leg. But I don't care, it was a blast and I think I kept my Pilots devil Andrew.

Interesting flight.

hats was tough. The scenery was amazing but the second touch and go took a bit of serious flying skills. Really enjoying the choice of location and hoping that I can make it to the end. Fantastic chance to really test my flight sim skills. Many thanks for putting the event together.

Have no idea if I'm even close on this one. Blind is blind.

Really good, tricky at times

Great flight

Phew Phew!!!!!!!

What a route that was! I think it must be one of the best MEBAR challenges I've had, it had it all Altitude weather and the most wonderful scenery with bloody difficult approaches. Loved every second of the flight, though I do pity the guys in, shall we say the larger frames, especially SCOH! Brilliant...many thanks to the MEBAR gang.

Wow..... just wow.....

Villa O'Higgins (SCOH) with default scenery was exciting for a touch and go to say the least.

SCOH stands for "Slowly Crash On Hillside" and the rain squalls a nice touch!

Here's hoping my flight planning calculations and E6B "whizz wheel" hold me in good stead.

Too much white cloud with white mountains.

The Touch and Go`s were TOUCHY.

This leg had it all... weather... climbing... descent...tough airports mostly. Thanks

SCOH was in a pretty big hole in my FSX scenery.

Certainly needed the oxygen mask here. Fantastic views.

Well that was... fun. Got lost after SCOH, lost a bit of time so pushed fast to finish - too fast I think.

Which clever sausage decided to put an airfield there!!! #SCOH

Not so easy

Great scenery on this one.

No matter what I did, I was behind time on every waypoint against the time I had calculated during my flight planning. This Flight Leg could be a case of the "blind leading the blind".

Good thing I packed an umbrella!

Those mountains were closer than I thought. Terrain pull up!

Cracking scenery

Just in time ;). Good flight the first touch and go was my favorite.

Nice route.

Flight Leg 3:

Nice combination - thanks

You need a Stuka for the T & G at SCFT, A Very good test with a fair amount of Difficulties, Very hard to burn off early arrival time. You get low and you cannot turn.

The PAUSE key was used often during this flight.

Should qualify for a low and slow flight...using the valleys to get to some airports instead of a rapid descent... enjoyed the flight.

Once I got there I was very relieved that SCAP was NOT a mandatory T&G!

Not too shabby.

Practice makes nearly perfect.

Had a bit of trouble finding SCFT

My times are all over the place , but I,m having fun.

Interesting Approach

Very nice route and I liked the runway 30 approach - very St. Barths!

Straightforward flight. Some tricky, tight landings, but otherwise no issues. Very versatile aircraft this Electra.

Very enjoyable flight.

Spectacular weather and views on this one. A terrific speed challenge that I failed thanks to A. Overcompensating for early headwinds and Route Extensions I made to the route to keep my altitude down. and B. My Helldiver approach into the second TandG might have hurt just a bit. :D

This is good fun!

Whew... I hope a single wheel down on the T&G counts. The elevations drove me crazy.

FYI, since your target time is hard to read, I misread my leg 1 target time as 156.93 which was really my test flight speed. Allen

Note to self: Put the camera down before short final.

SCFT was quite challenging

Muy difĂ­cil 2C ! (Very difficult 2C!!)

Landing didn't leave much room for manuvering!

Another 'gorgous' location at SCFT.

Great leg. Tough touch and go at SCFT and not an easy landing at SCLD. Again challenging flying and absolutely amazing scenery. Glad I have a nice mesh to enjoy the flying in this location.

Nice flight

Another great flight - some scary mountains!

Nice valley's again, love this part of the world!

A really great experience.

Great leg! but the distance estimation was off by 20 NM...

The tailwind nearly ruined the timing for me on this Flight Leg.....but oh, the beauty of those mountains.

Flight Leg 4:

Relaxing evening flight.

Beautiful night to fly!

Almost done , my poor navigation skills showing in my times!

One more to go.

Nice flight and landing.

Nice evening flight

A couple of ILS`s to assist the night Owls.

Not only is this a blind target time it is also a blind route. This where you need to rely on your instruments as you cannot see a thing. Absolutely enjoyable.

Another challenge...liked the airport selections.

Very nice Twilight flight, Landed Back Course ILS Rwy. 20 as Directed.


Pleasant flight up the coast.

Tricky flight mostly in darkness. Completed ok.

No problems

Beautiful evening flight!

My god, it's full of stars...was I supposed to be watching my speed? Oooooh, more twinkly lights! :) Super relaxing night flight, low and pretty.

Love the evening landings!

Real life almost had me miss deadline for pirep 4!

Enjoyed the night flight!

Great Night Flight, another first for me.

Interesting night flight and radio work.

Got to love that sunset.

Praise the Lord for Papi Lights lol

Got some extra time.

Flight Leg 5:

Well done!

That's all my five flight's completed now, and as always, very enjoyable. Many thank's for putting this rally together, it's a challenge I look forward to each and every year. Keep up the brilliant work guys, I love it !

Thanks for planning - cant loose concentration for a moment.

Tightened up the puckerstring a few times during this MEBAR, thanks to Andrew, but had a blast doing it. Looking forward to next year. Thank you everyone.

Got the hang of it now....just need to wait till MEBAR 2018 :)

Another brick in the wall.

Many thanks.

What a great approach.

What a nice flight again. Hellooooo Santiago and thanks to all involved for this great MEBAR ride!

Overall a fine rally. Hope there is more and how about British Columbia, CA or Alaska... maybe throw in an amphibian option. Gunk

Nice final leg and a beautiful race! Will be back next time! Now have to get ready for a long flight back home...

I enjoyed it VERY MUCH!!

Finally in Santiago for a lovely Pimms. Tough rally and found it a real challenge to keep to times. It is such an excellent flying competition that is fun and easy going at the same time as pushing your skills. Loved it but glad to have finished!

Long flight but enjoyable. Found a couple of faulty airfields on the way, so need to fix them. That's it from me. Very good rally, well designed and very interesting flying content. Cheers.

Sad that it is over have really enjoyed the legs. Thank you Muttley

Thanks Joe & Co great routes.

A very good series of flights, Thank you.

Nailed this one. Thank You for an enjoyable Easter.

Thank you Mebar for three very enjoyable Flights. (?!)

Great flight. I was a little worried when after taking off and I was pointed between two mountains the aircraft turned 20 degrees to port and headed straight for a mountain. After straightening that out everything went fine. Really enjoyed MEBAR 2017.

Interesting challenges on this last leg. Overall it's been great fun.

A relaxing end to a great event. A big thanks to all the organisers and my fellow pilots. Can't wait for next year!

Hoo hooo! What an awesome trip! My sincere thanks to the organizers!

Thank you for really good experience. looking forward to another challenge next year.

Many thanks again for a wonderful Mebar. Great scenery and challeges. Thanks all for putting it together and looking forward to the next one.

This was very nice. I think, I will miss MEBAR, but my family is lucky and even the dog asked how many legs are still to fly. Thank you very much, see you next year.

Dank U, Danke, Gracias, Merci, Diky, Thank you, Salamat ....... there are in no way enough languages to say thanks for your great effort to organize another great MEBAR event. I lost track how many Mebars I did till today but already looking forward to next year again :-) Thanks Chaps, much appreciated. Cheers, Peter

Dash is great fun when you forget to tell the ground crew to pull the pins out of the gears! Had to land at SCCH to get it fixed. Real life almost kept me from completeing this on time. Was a great rally, taught me alot about VOR navigation and I really enjoyed the touch & gos enroute. Thanks for organizing!

Another gorgeous and relaxed leg, scenery and weather worthy of a final leg. Thanks MEBAR staff for a terrific challenge and trip.

It was a great rally, you guys did a good job. Looking forward to the next one. Allen

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I'm having a great time in my old DC-3. Thank you!