Required Event and Flight Briefings and Flight Situation File Downloads

Download the required MEBAR 2017 Event & Flight Briefings document file containing the detailed Event and Flight Briefings.

MEBAR 2017 - Event and Flight Briefings (PDF)
Download the relevant MSFS, version specific, MEBAR 2017 Flight Situation Files for FS9 or FSX/P3D. Unzip the enclosed files to your Flight Simulator files folder.

The default location for FS9 is c:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\Flight Simulator Files.
The default location for FSX is c:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\Flight Simulator X Files.
The default location for P3Dv3 is c:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\Prepar3D v3 Files.

Note: The Flight Situation Files have been created using a standard installation of FS9 and FSX/P3Dv3. Any add-on scenery you have installed may realign runway positions and, therefore, the aircraft starting position. In the event of this occurring, re-position the aircraft at the designated runway or runway of your choice. Once you have loaded the flight you will need to change the default Mooney Bravo to the Aircraft of your choice.

MEBAR 2017 - Test Flight File (FS9)

MEBAR 2017 - Test Flight File (FSX)

MEBAR 2017 - Test Flight File ( P3D)

MEBAR 2017 - Flight Situation Files (FS9)

MEBAR 2017 - Flight Situation Files (FSX)

MEBAR 2017 - Flight Situation Files (P3D)

Required Scenery Files

There are no specific add-on scenery files required for the event.

Weather Information

The weather information for each Flight Leg is contained in the following pdf file.

MEBAR 2017 - Weather Information (Detailed) (PDF)

MEBAR 2017 - Weather Information (Simplified) (PDF)

Other Useful Links

METAR and TAF coding.

FAA Handbooks and Manuals.

EASA Document Library.

 Aerodrome and Procedures Charts

Our very own John Allard here at Mutley's Hangar has produced aerodrome plates for all the airports associated with the Event.
They are available for download from Mutley's Hangar, go to File Library - Airport Diagrams - Special Events.

Whilst you're there, why not browse John's other creations, there are over 6,300 of them! These detailed diagrams are available for free download either individually, or in bundles, by country. The diagrams are constructed using FS data - unlike real world charts which often differ, these charts will match what you see in the simultor (Note, any custom scenery runway data may vary).
Flight Planning

TA Software's VFR flight planning application, Plan-G v3.1 is an excellent tool. With the addition of the "Flight Plan Elevation Profile", provided by adding a suitable Digital Elevation Model (DEM), it provides immediate information to make decisions regarding "cruise altitude".

The latest version now incorporates the facility to recall John Allard's airport plates with a few clicks on the map. The Plan-G application is available for download by clicking on the banner. Information regarding the DEM is also provided on the web site.

SkyVector is a free online planning tool which uses current live data to produce real world flight plans. These plans will give you a better idea of what your enroute flight level should be, based on the Maximum Elevation Figure (MEF) of the area you are flying over. This is especially useful when flying in mountainous areas, and when used in conjuction with Plan-G.

SkyVector has a mine of information about airfields and and has online IFR and VFR charts. You can visit them here.
Other Recommended Downloads for Scenery and Flight Timer

FTime (V4) by Tom Goodrick
Tom Goodrick has updated his Flight Timer to take into account strong winds on landing and to minimise the chance of it resetting to zero and is available from the following link.

For a quick tutorial from Andrew on how to add the timer to a 2D panel click here.

Just when I thought the MEBAR couldn't get scarier, along comes a 3-act drama more suitable for Halloween than Easter!